Terms & Conditions
  • You First Have To Join With The Same Amount You Want Your Extended Family To Be Covered For Before You Add Your

    Extended Family.
  • Group Scheme Funeral Insurance up to R30 000
  • Traditional Scheme I+7 and 4 (Four Extended Family Plan)
  • Different surnames between member and spouse is acceptable
  • Maximum Entry Age: 100 years
  • Extended Family Benefit: Member pays for each added extended family.
  • Child Cover: Up to 21years (25 years if schooling – we need proof at claim stage)
  • Waiting periods apply as follows: R2500 – R10 000- 6 months;
  • Accident benefit becomes available after payment of the first premium (Receipt is used as proof)
  • Suicide – claim can only be considered after 6 months.
  • Member from another parlour: Proof of Previous Full Membership in a form of receipt book holder. If the applicant was on
    a waiting period, the person will finish the waiting period with Isibaya Funeral Services.
  • Burial repatriation benefit Included: Repatriation in South Africa and SADC.
  • One spouse is allowed, if more than one, others will be added on as extended family.
  • Multiple Policies: Life could be covered under multiple plans.
  • Flexible Family Structure: unlimited number of adult / extended dependants and children.
  • Continuation Option: Surviving members or dependants can continue without waiting period.
  • Claims: Benefits will be paid within two working days upon receipt of all supporting documentation.

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6 Months Waiting Period Applies- Terms & Conditions Apply